~ Zesty ~ Potato Salad

Strangely enough -- les enfants were 'off' school again today.  Strange because they were just back last week after having the two week 'Spring-Break'.... then off for the weekend of course, and then because today, Tuesday is a holiday--they were also off yesterday.... and my middle-guy is off again tomorrow--he never has school on Wednesdays........

Phew! Did I mention that French school children have FORTY vacation days per school year?!  The French value their 'vacances'.... and today, well... so did I!  

Even with all of the 'extra' days -- today felt like a holiday.  Maybe it was the sun shining and the almost 70 degree temps... we did very little work, aside from gardening (and that is pure j-o-y!)  and we BBQ'd sausages and I made potato salad.

Potato salad?  I know. Not very French.  But still-- it really helped us feel spring, holiday, BBQ picnic..... fabulous--vacation-day-OFF!  I made a very easy--yummy (and of course gluten free!) version... a la Francais!

~ Zesty Potato Salad ~

6-10 medium to large potatoes, boiled until tender with skin removed
1 red pepper, diced
2-3 tbs. capers
1/2 cup mayonnaise (be careful of the hidden gluten in mayo--if it is made with grain/white vinegar--make your own, or find a brand that uses wine vinegar or cider vinegar.)
1 tbs rice or cider vinegar
salt and pepper
1 tbs. fresh dill
1tbs dried chives, parsley or any herb blend you have handy.

Combine all and chill for at least 30 minutes before serving.  Serve with chopped fresh herbs.

We had this for lunch today and then spent the rest of the day outside, pulling weeds, planting seeds, taking a walk on the beach .... a perfect plan for a bonus--day off!  Tonight I will fall into bed deliciously-exhausted!

A bientot!  See you again soon!

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  1. Yum am looking for recipes with herbs to try and I'll be book marking this one.