Taste the Sea

Last summer, when we arrived in France going to the market became an immediate 'must-do' routine.  Not the super-market, but the market-market....if you have been to France then you know.  It's the large outdoor market that runs in each town, year around.  I have blogged about it before, it's a place full of life; locally produced foods and wares...some not so locally produced goods (t-shirt vendors and DVD sellers, yes they are there too.)

The one we go to normally is in Trouville Sur Mer, and of course, because it is across the street on the next block from 'French Guy's parents, we also go to the market in Deauville.

Right now the produce is abundant and it keeps getting better as each week goes by.... my favorite thing to do is grab a fresh seasonal ingredient when it first shows up at the market.  I know a lot of true-'foodies' operate this way.

We go to the market and find our inspiration....rather than the other way around...starting with a list of inspired meal plans and shopping accordingly.

This weeks ingredient was 'Salicorne'....do you know it?  It is sometimes called 'sea-pickle', 'sea bean' or 'sea asparagus' and a lesser known name, 'glasswort'.  It is bright green, succulent-like little branches and is found here in Normandy and Brittany beginning as early as February and then throughout the summer. Salicorne is mildly 'herby' tasting and can be very, very salty...the first time I cooked it I added salt.....big mistake.  I have heard you can soak out some of the salt, but I just adjust by not adding salt to the dish.

Cooked simply in olive oil it is perfection!  I love serving it as a cold 'salad' in the summer--every bite is a taste of the sea.....And of course, it goes well with any kind of seafood!  So this time I tossed it with some shrimp.  If you can get your hands on some---try it!

Simple Sauteed Shrimp with Salicorne

1 pound cleaned deveined shrimp
2 tbs. Olive oil
Rinsed and cleaned Salicorne
Fresh chives
Lemon juice

This is so easy--I could almost just post the pictures without the 'how-to'.  This dish has so few ingredients yet the simple combination is full of summery fresh flavor!

Saute shrimp in olive oil until pink and opaque then snip-in fresh chives....remember NO SALT.

Toss in Salicorne and saute until warm.  You can add a small hit of lemon juice if you like.  
Serve warm or chill to serve as a salad. 
I served it this Sunday with Saffron Potatoes--purchased at the market from the Morrocan food stand--again, can be cold or warm, as you like.

A taste of summer?  A taste of the sea.....Bon appetit!

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