Nougat ~ Chocolat ~

I would like to introduce you to my new obsession... food obsession...or maybe it's not a food--it could possibly be a drug.  It's that good.  Nougat Chocolat.  I found the recipe in a French magazine and I am now hooked for life--it is the perfect marriage of caramel meets chocolate and the result is a sticky, chewy chocolate-y ADDICTION.

I made a few changes to the recipe, once translated into English--the recipe called for almonds and hazelnuts (noisettes) and because in our family we have an allergy--I subbed in pecans for the 'noisettes'.... you can also add dried fruits--but I am a purest--chocolate and nuts for the dried fruit for the trail-mix!

I have been making 'food' gifts this week and this seemed to be a perfect addition to the more traditional cookies and sweets..... 

One two warnings: It is a tricky recipe, and once you get going you need to see it through to the end--stirring the molten chocolate 'caramel' at the end could be an Olympic sport--and I suffered 'nougat-wrist' later that evening.  Second warning--as aforementioned--it is addictive--be warned.  Done.

Nougat Chocolat

*the recipe begins with 'pour 6 personnes'--- ok--ignore that--a serving size?  Seriously?

150 grams dark chocolate (70%)
80 grams almonds
80 grams (other nut--like pecans or hazelnuts)
100 grams honey
120 grams sugar (granulated 'raw' is best)
2 eggs whites

  • Melt the dark chocolate in a 'bain marie' or double broiler.  Toast nuts until golden and crunchy in a separate pan.  
  • Melt the sugar and honey in a pot, stirring constantly until frothy and until the temperature reaches 140 degrees on a candy thermometer or until it reaches 'hard-crack' stage.  
  • Meanwhile, or at the same time, with your other arm, the one that is not stirring the honey and sugar, beat the egg whites until they are soft peak stage.  
  • Once honey/sugar mixture is done drizzle it in 'threads' onto the still being beaten egg whites (a stand mixer is a good choice for this effort!--If you don't have three arms...)
  • Return the now mixed egg whites, honey caramel mixture to the stove in the same pan used for the honey and sugar and heat while mixing in the melted chocolate and while continuously stirring, so that it doesn't burn--add the nuts.  
  • Finally keep stirring--for about 20 minutes, until the nougat pulls away from the sides of the pan.

Spread the hot mixture into a lightly oiled pan and set to cool for 12 hours before cutting.  Avoid licking the spatula and pan--as this will surely send you into a Chocolat-Nougat-coma......

There you have it.  110% worth the effort.....It's the most divine chocolate thing I have ever eaten.....ever.


  1. This looks fabulous. There goes the diet

  2. Absolutely love nougat and chocolate! I will be making this! I need to convert measures. Hope I can do that??