"C" is for cookie......

I have confessed before that I am not a baker....especially cookies.  Making cookies is counter-intuitive to my closet-ADD.....(okay--well now that's out....) I enjoy the mixing up the ingredients but after the first tray is removed from the oven, I am d-o-n-e.  But there is a few dozen more cookies still to go in, and then there is the mess to clean-up.  Maybe if I could just make one cookie, or one giant cookie.  Don't think I haven't considered it.

But here is the baking out-of-necessity thing again.  There is, to my knowledge, only one type of gluten/dairy free cookie available at the grocery store in town, and I do not know any 'patisseries' that make gluten free options, aside from 'macarons'--some are 'g/f' but you have to watch out for cross-contamination from other baked goods--and then there is the sweet-addictive 'meringue'  also made 'sans gluten'...but healthy?  10 pounds of sugar + egg whites.....protein--eggs? -- Healthy in my book!  But maybe not the best 'repas' for 'les enfants' or 'bebe'--and that was my inspiration for making some cookies that I could give to the kids and 'Petite Fille' who is one, and not send them to the moon on a sugar-high--but instead give them something yummy, sweet enough.... and in a crunch could also serve as breakfast--hee, hee---if needed, bien sur!

So there you go--many reasons to subject myself to the mundane torture of making cookies when I would rather be making a cake, or sauteing something.......

~Apple Date Cookies~

1 cup almond flour
1 cup gluten-free flour baking-blend or regular white flour
1 cup organic brown sugar (yes! I know--seems like a lot, but it is worth it for all of the other healthier ingredients--and REAL organic unrefined sugar is not terrible for you--as much as artificial sweeteners are.).... and besides--these are c-o-o-k-i-e-s....
3/4 cup quinoa flakes or gluten-free quick oats.
1 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
3 tsps vanilla
1 tbs. cinnamon
2 eggs
1 tbs. light oil
1/2 cup apple juice
1 large apple, peeled and then grated
3/4 cup chopped dates

Mix all of the dry ingredients.  Mix the vanilla, eggs, oil, apple juice and grated apple and add to dry ingredients---add dates, you can also add nuts at this stage if you like, but I leave them out so that the baby can enjoy them too.

Drop by small spoonfuls on parchment lined tray and bake at 350F for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown.

These cookies are soft and filling.....for an added treat, I drizzled some cinnamon apple 'frosting' on them made by mixing powered sugar with apple juice and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

As the official 'tester' I had to eat about six of them before serving them to the children.  Just to make sure they were good enough.......I know, I am such a good mommy.....the sacrifice I am willing to go to......no limits. 

Enjoy mes amis!

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