Homemade ~ Mustard ~

"It's easier to make than you think"--that's the phrase that comes up most often when you 'Google' how to make homemade mustard.  It's true!  It is très simple!  The result of the minimal effort required to make your own mustard is a taste-bud exploding, intense and delicious 'condiment' that out-shines the jarred store-bought kind, hands-down.  I know I won't go back .... ever.

Recipe possibilities are endless--using it for marinades, vinaigarettes, dips....or just putting a large spoon of it on your favorite salami....or hard boiled egg for that matter.

Here it is:  For a large batch, enough to share or store ....

2 cups mustard seeds
3 cups apple cider vingar
1/2 tbs. sugar
salt to taste

Place mustard seeds in a ceramic or glass bowl and add apple cider vinegar and a dash of salt.  You can let it rest to absorb the vinegar for at least 3 days or as long as a week .... Once the seeds have softened and absorbed most of the liquid, grind the mustard in a food processor or with a stick blender.

You can make flavored mustards by adding; curry, Herbe de Provence, honey, tarragon.... etc.  I made three varieties -- Hot (with a tiny bit of red pepper), Sweet (with honey) and Spice (with  hot curry, paprika and tumeric).

 The heat of mustard mellows after it is refrigerated, so if you find it too strong at first, let it sit for a while more.  My recipe is the 'French-style' using vinegar, but you can also experiment with wine or beer....  This mustard is great in the cold months on cooked meats, makes a great dressing and in the summer it's ready for your burger or hot-dog!

Enjoy!  Bonne semaine mes amis!

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  1. This recipe is serious easy! How did I never hear about making your own mustard before? Thank you for sharing =)