~ Falafel ~ des lentilles

I had a bit of a shock yesterday.  Well not really a shock.  At the moment it was more like a surprise that was mildly amusing.  My oldest, who just turned thirteen, has proclaimed that he is now a vegetarian......Oh, really!?  He must be serious.  He posted it as his status on Facebook.  Serious.

Well here is the thing.  I am not against it.  I was a vegetarian throughout college and for a few years after...never 'vegan' but a vegetarian for a total of ten years.....honestly it was great.  It was more instrumental than I realized in influencing me in my cooking and creative style with food.  I wasn't willing just to 'cut-out' back then--it had to be more interesting and taste better than eating meat.

But, being that he is thirteen, and there is suspicion that all this comes about because of a particular 'belle-fille' at school who has talked him into abstaining from flesh--this may last only as long as said 'relationship' with this gal lasts--which in my estimation is about one week.

Nevertheless, last night I initiated him into the wonderful world of meatless-ness, by making a big pot of lentils, which I served as a lentil-burger with a side of tomates et cucumbre......Bienvenue à mon fils, bon appétit !  Ironically his little brother dined on TWO very juicy, slightly greasy 'steak-hache'...and he almost licked the plate--that's my little meat-eater!

So today at lunch the remaining 'lentilles' became a version of falafel, and it brought back comforting and tasty memories of my college days--a vegetarian feast--and a nice change from typical Normandy-winter food.....

So here you go!

2 cups cooked lentils
1 cup cooked, or canned chickpeas
4 tbs. olive oil
2 tbs. lemon juice
1 clove grated garlic (optional)
2 slices of whole grain bread (I used a gluten-free rice/millet bread) grated to breadcrumbs.
salt and pepper
sun-flower oil or light high-temp cooking oil

Make sure lentils and chickpeas are well drained. Combine all in a food processor. Form into small patties or balls. Fry until brown in hot oil.

Yummy served with plain yogurt and cucumbers.....and with your favorite salad. Even French Guy loved it when I gave it to him for lunch--but you should have seen his face when I suggested we might ALL become vegetarians................mais, non.  Jamais....ever.


  1. Funny. It must be love if he is willing to give up the red stuff.

    Carolyn xx

  2. Apparently not....he is already back on the 'meat wagon'! I think that lasted 48 hours?