This past weekend was an eating extravaganza!  A foodie-weekend ... a food-a-palooza!  What else is there to do when it is pouring rain for the 65th consecutive day--windy, dismal .... not summer.

After creating the carrot-soup (c-o-l-d carrot soup), comfort food was needed to start out the weekend--and although Friday night is usually 'Pizza-Night' in our home, it was trumped by the fact that there was a canard-magret in the fridge begging to be cooked and so it became duck-breast on thyme-mushroom risotto....

Next up ...something more 'fun' for Saturday--it was Bastille Day and the traditional BBQ was nixed again due to the on-going showers.  But inside the house it was festive and spicy with Buffalo-Wings made with HOT harissa sauce and fries....(so very French--non?)  Oh- well French Guy did make a sauce of roguefort and feta for it!  (A little French?)

 Sunday was all about seafood---the big plan being that we would sit outside and fire-up the 'plancha' and grill our lunch.  Yet again, no.  Rain. (Are you getting the theme here?) But, we managed to cook a few delicious 'ecrevisses'...the fancy French way to say Crayfish--and once again French Guy stepped up and this time braved the rain to quickly cook up sardines--which were spicy and crispy--all of this topped simply on brown rice with tangy pickled zucchini and yellow squash.

And finally to end the weekend.... first a 'cake' made with almond flour, vanilla bean and apricots..... which we ate with vanilla ice cream....

 ... but before that, in honor of my Japan-o-phile Oldest Garcon (temporarily? obsessed with all things Japanese--he even convinced French Guy to take him to the Japan-Expo is Paris last week!)  and also because Middle Garcon could eat anyone---(including the biggest sumo-wrestler) under the table with the amount of sushi he can consume .... there you have it--- homemade sushi for dinner that we ate standing in the kitchen as it was made..... très casual!

So here it is Monday morning -- and culinarily--I think I can speak for everyone in the family to say that our tummy's are satisfied!  (and so is my styling eye and my shooting finger!)  Afterall-- a well rounded weekend includes family, food, and  ...  photography!

And this morning .... a more simple start.  Gluten-free toast with 'buche blanche de chevre' and a big dab of strawberry jam--made by Bonne Maman---not moi.

Happy Monday mes amis!  Hope your weekend was full of food---and SUN.

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