Sometimes events in life push you beyond your known capabilities.  I am blessed to have had this happen to me more than a few times in my life; from the simplest academic endeavors, a new relationship, the birth of a child, or a total change of routines and culture ... events can take your comfortable norm, dump it out like a duffle-bag, mix it up and shuffle it around, and then pack it up again and move it to an entirely different location ... and the resulting re-organization and re-prioritizing (and if you are very, very lucky) the subsequent inspired explosion of creativity, puts a new spin on your life and gives new meaning to the originating event.

This is what this blog reflects and the 'event' was my first year after moving to France ... my first 365 French days ... new sights, new sounds, smells, (language!) and mais, bien sur!  La cuisine!
Now, living in France for just under two years, I am a freelance food writer, recipe creator, book author, artist.....dreamer.  My main 'day-job' is being a wife and mother to 'trois enfants'...who are all speaking French more fluently than 'moi'!  (Even the baby--and she is one!)

Hope you enjoy reading, creating, (and of course eating!) and sharing my little corner of France!

A bientot! xx!