Our Sundays have changed dramatically since moving to France.  When we were in the US, on most weekends, Sundays were a 'catch-up' day of all things that spilled over from Saturday's 'to-do' list.  Some days it was the major grocery shopping and on others it was garden clean-up or household projects.  I have to admit, we were a kind of 'weekend warriors' and really needed the full two day weekend to get it all done!

The first big change after our relocation was realizing that most places; grocery stores, shops, and even a few restaurants are closed on Sundays, and actually it is a standard that is well-accepted.  It took a few months for me to adjust to the fact that there would be no shopping at the super-market, even for the forgotten eggs, bottle of shampoo or snacks for the last minute afternoon get-together, on a Sunday.  The other side of that coin is once I started Sunday Brocantes as a vintage seller, my Sundays were committed to going out early in the morning to get to the local brocante, vide-grenier or flea market.

But the thing is, you still need to have lunch! The only option if you find yourself without a plan or ingredients is to find a brasserie that serves on Sunday or head to your local open market.  Most often thought as a 'farmer's type' market, the open market actually has several great 'take-out' options ...

Fresh meats, dairy and fish are always available at the market.  Year around you could make a feast of 'fruit de mer'.

We often get a large container of Paella and the same vendors also sell fully cooked rotisserie chickens, roasted potatoes and cous-cous.

In the cooler months, I am drawn to the 'Choucroute' merchant.  A specialty from the Alsace region, it's a dish of several types of sausages, ham, pork, sauerkraut and potatoes....  All of the meats are prepared 'in-house' and are artisan quality!

Or maybe a 'quiche-Normande for lunch?

In France, Sunday is often the most significant family-lunch of the week.  In fact, it is a day dedicated to family.  This I love.  Many Sundays are spent around the family table for hours; talking, eating and sharing a timeless tradition, Sunday lunch. 

Maybe it's not so bad that I can't run over to the mall or the super-store on that day but I have to admit, that I still try to sneak in a little afternoon gardening ...  

...  after lunch, bien sur!


Here you will find some of my favorite places to go and eat -- from the tiny neighborhood bistro to the elegant 'haute cuisine' restaurant --- check back here .... to see what's on the menu!

First up!  Le Cottage in Villerville..... just 5 minutes from Trouville Sur Mer in Basse Normandy ...c'est magnifique!  J' adore!  The review of every yummy bit -- coming soon!

*photographs of the lovely place are used with permission.... bien sur!