Back to school means .....

It's official!  We have begun 'la rentrée'.... which means back-to-school, and it is only a matter of time before I gain many more hours to do the things I love.  All 3564 of them... more or less.  

Summer is ending, Fall is sneaking in, the air is already changing.

After finding an absolutely fantastic 'bio' market last week in Honfleur and buying 4 kilos of plums ('Mirabelle' and 'Blanche')  I spent the afternoon making two batches of 'confiture'.

I won't post a recipe.  There are 100's, make that 1000's of jam and jelly recipes on the web and I go by instinct; 2 kilos of fruit, 3 cups of sugar and keeping the pits and skins on during the boiling period for the natural pectin.

 To the 'Mrabelle' batch I also added orange zest and a touch of cinnamon.

The 'prune blanche' were actually very green!  Such a gorgeous color before cooking.  Nothing extra added to that batch--they are wonderfully sweet and a tiny bit tart!

Tomorrow I head out to that same market in search of figs!  I hope I am not too late!

Looking forward to the new cooking season--the change of climate--and many, many more uninterupted hours in the kitchen and/or behind the camera!

Oh well!  A girl can dream!  A bientot!

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