For those who require 'sans gluten'.... many recipes on the blog are gluten-free and some both gluten and 'dairy free'..... Having this specialized dietary restriction is sometimes challenging, and I do believe it is more difficult here in France in the land of bread and cheese---and patisserie!

There are gluten-free products available in France, but many cooking ingredients more common in the US have not yet become readily available; Tapioca flour for example.  (Called 'manioc' in French.) I have tested out some bread mixes but the consistency part is dicey and most of the time the loaves turn out to be as solid as a brick.  There is one company called 'Schaar' that makes an awesome baguette however--it needs to be warmed for 5 minutes before eating--but it is better than any I have tried to make so far.

I will keep you posted when I find ingredients and recipes that can be adapted--and send me a note to share your ideas and questions about being 'gluten-free' in France!