Lovely {Lemon} Curd

Following a series of posts on my other blog I wrote on the idea of 'when life gives you lemons'.... and upon discovering an weekly organic market in the nearby town of Honfleur--I suddenly had about 20 small and sweet lemons that were crying out to be made into .....

Lemon-curd of course!  I fell in love with this sweet/sour/creamy 'confiture' when traveling in Great Britain after college .... on toast, on a slice of warm pound-cake...

And now I am completely addicted to having it sandwiched between two puffy meringues... a match made in heaven of course--one recipe requires 10 egg yolks and the other--the whites!

Here is the very simple method to make lemon-curd, and then I will post shortly after the recipe to make the lemon-meringue's!

Lemon Curd 

{Recipe inspired by Linda Ferrari's book 'Canning and Preserving'}

Zest of 4 lemons
1 1/2 cups lemon juice
1 3/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups unsalted butter
10 egg yolks

 Put all ingredients in a stainless steel mixing bowl and whisk over a pot of simmering water.  This recipe took about 40 minutes of constant whisking while it thickened--which was fine--I surfed the web for the meringue recipe and did a lot of tasting while it cooked!

Once it is thick and starts to 'gel'  you remove it from the heat and stir a few more times to test the thickness as it cools.  Fill a clean, warmed jar with the curd and let it cool completely.

I have heard it can last for 2 weeks to a month in the fridge--but I would have no idea about that!  Ours seems to disappear in a matter of days!

The tangy sweet flavor is 100% sunshine.... which apparently was much needed on that day as my sweet KC Spaniel found the one and only sun-spot in the entire house while I was making it!

Stay tuned for the recipe for the meringues! I will be back with that ASAP!

A bientot!


  1. This may be the best tasting thing on the planet but I will never know. I don't have a problem eating rump roast or head cheese but I can't bring myself to eat some called "curd". It's the name! I just can't do it.

  2. Hi,

    Just started following your blog, have really enjoyed going back through your posts.

    This recipe for Lemon Curd sounds delicious. Quite different to the recipe I make. Mine only takes 2 eggs, yolk and whites. The photo of yours looks a lot more yellow. I'm going to give this a try next time 'life gives me lemons'

    Best wishes to you.