Unexpected Summer Salads ....

While you might expect summer salads to be comprised of garden fresh plump, ready to burst red tomatoes or bright orange hot peppers and roasted corn--our summer here in Normandy has been a complete mix of sun and showers, a few warm rays, but mostly windy, chilly and half-way summery.

So the 'summer' that we have has so far has inspired fresh summer ingredients with a few cooler weather ones, topped with warm melted goodness--(and a hefty side of 'tartine' with 'chevre'!---for comfort!)

Here is a salad that marries the warm with the cold--and fits our summer perfectly!  Maybe yours too!

Warm Chard & Beet Salad with Red Onion and Goat Cheese

A huge bundle of colorful chard
Red onion
Steamed beats, chopped and chilled
Thin slices of steamed and chilled zuchinni
Feta or French goat cheese 'chevre'
Red wine vinegar
Fresh garden herbs; thyme, basil, savory and parsley
Salt and pepper
Olive oil

Clean the chard and remove the ribs, chop and prepare to saute first in 2 tbs olive oil while you set the leaves aside.  Add 1/4 chopped red onion and once tender, add the remaining leaves of chard until wilted.

In a large 'saladier'  mix cubbed beets with zuchinni, 4 tbs red wine vinegar and salt and pepper.  Add chopped herbs and combine with warm chard mixture.  Lastly top with crumbled goat cheese.  

A baguette 'tartine' with cheese and fresh basil makes a perfect summer lunch--on a warm or chilly summer day!

Bon appetit!

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