Le Pique Nique!

My niece recently pointed out this gorgeous and very inspirational image from a French magazine, Campagne Décoration -- it is the quintessential French 'pique-nique' don't you think?  It makes me want to dream up a delicious fresh summer menu--and pack it into a basket -- to tote off to a table under a tree -- or the beach!

Mid-August, gardens right now in France are exploding and the markets are brimming....

And even my vintage purchases for Sunday Brocantes of late seem to all be influenced by food!  

I love the idea of packing up fresh fruit, seasonal 'composed' salads, olives and dips....

 ... into antique French confiture jars!

The thick-sided jars, chilled in the fridge, so everything stays fresh and cool!

As the summer winds-down, I hope you can still sneak in some time for one last French-picnic ... or two!  I know I will!

Bon Appétit!

Credit: Images 1 and 3 from Campagne Décoration,  all others by me: ©Sunday Brocantes


  1. Love your foodie shots. Happy picnicking to you for August

  2. Thanks Carolyn! The nice summer weather took forever to arrive here! August has been lovely--and I hope it holds til December! ; )